Riding Tips

Rider’s Tips !

Winter 2003 COLD WEATHER COMFORT TIPS Now that the weather is getting cooler and bathing with shampoo isn’t always possible, here are some seasonal grooming tips: “Lucky Braids Whitener/Color Restorer” to make it easier & faster to clean your horse without bathing. This specially formulated product is enzyme-based and it does NOT dry the coat. It actually brings out the natural luster! As a “Dry Wash” it does an excellent job of controlling dry skin and dander. For added benefit, it has an optical brightener so grays and white socks or markings come out a bright, shiny white. *A quick spritz at ringside takes dust and mud off, sending shiny legs/coats into the ring. *Immediately removes stains without water-just spray and wipe them off. *Use as a finishing spray to cut time and rev up shine. Spray it on a dandy brush to top them off. They’ll come back from work wet, but with no salt stains or dust on their coats! Shinier , too. *Winter dry wash by just spraying on to remove dander and sweat in a snap. Remember….a clean horse is a cozy and comfortable horse!

Lucky Braids
for top turnout